Comparing film stocks

When we first thought about starting this project – Let There Be Film – our initial idea was to compare different film stocks. We ourselves spent so much time on trying to find a film stock that we liked.

We tested numerous films, developed them, scanned them countless times. Don't get us wrong – the process of shooting, having the rolls scanned & developed and then looking at the results is fun. But when you have so many film stocks to choose from in the first place the whole thing becomes a bit overwhelming and... not fun at all.

We tried searching Facebook and Google but there were only scattered pieces of information about the matter and we were only able to find so many film stock comparisons.

And then we thought – why don't we do all those tests on our own and then place it all somewhere easy to find for everyone? So that if you have a question like "What's the difference between Fuji 400H and Portra 400 in terms of colors & brightness?" you don't have to google it or try to find it in some Facebook group. Instead you would just type in "" and here you go – everything in one place.

We think that finding your film stock that you really like is the key to success & the key to great images and scans. It's not the only component of being able to get great results but it's an important starting point.

So now you can just go to our "Films" section and compare different film stocks and decide which one you like most. Yes. That easy.