Big day for film community

Finally – we're opening our doors to all the film photographers worldwide!

We've been working hard for the last six month to make this day happen. Today we're launching LET THERE BE FILM and couldn't be more proud of what we've done so far!


LET THERE BE FILM is a source for film photographers worldwide.


LET THERE BE FILM is a place where you can compare different film stocks, see their actual examples, where you can see how different exposures affect different film stocks and where you can finally find examples of every film lab's scans – all in one place.


LET THERE BE FILM is a community of inspired and inspiring film photographers

With this project we want to build a strong community of film photographers and create a source where you can always go for support and information.

Little by little we will gather all film related information that will help you in your film journey. Best film stocks, best labs, best film workshops – all of that you can find here.